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Alfa bids farewell to 147 as the world welcomes back Giulietta

By on March 30, 2010

Mangoletsi – the UK’s largest and longest established Alfa Romeo dealership – handed over the keys to the last brand new Alfa 147 to be sold in the country, before the model is replaced by the all new Alfa Giulietta.
Terance Behrendt, from Northern Moor Manchester, picked up his Alfa 147 Ducati Corse 1.9 JTDM from the dealership.
The 170bph car, which cost £16,990, is the only 147 registered in 2010 so will be the only one in the UK to boast a ‘10’ licence plate.
Terance, 64, said: “I’ve always been a huge Alfa Romeo fan so to know I have played a small part in its history is fantastic.”
Terance has been living in Bermuda for the past 16 years, where he worked as a stonemason, but recently returned home to the UK.
His new car will be his eighth Alfa Romeo, with Terance’s past cars including an Alfetta, an Alfa Romeo 33 and the original Giulietta.
He added: “There was no point in owning a sports car on the island. It is only about 20 miles long and you can never get over 20mph. By the time you got any speed going you’d reached the other side of the island.
“I needed a new car for when I got home and decided that I would get myself a 147 as it would be my final chance to own a new one.
“I called Mangoletsi and asked if they could delay registering the car until 2010 as I wouldn’t be returning home until March.
“I didn’t realise that I would have the only 147 with a ‘10’ licence plate, but I’m happy I have. It makes it a real collector’s item.”
The stylish 147 series was launched back in 2000 and after winning Car of the Year in 2001 it soon became one of Alfa Romeo’s most popular cars.  Mangoletsi have been selling the 147 for 10 years now and will continue to sell them as approved used cars for a few more years to come.
The 147’s replacement is the new Alfa Giulietta, which was presented to the world at the Geneva Car Show.
The car will be a tribute to the original Giulietta model, which caught the imagination of generations of car enthusiasts in the 1950s.
Fraser Hudson, managing director of Mangoletsi, said: “The 147 has been a much loved brand for Alfa Romeo and everyone at the dealership has fond memories of the car. It is great for Terance that he now has a little piece of history.
“We are now looking forward to the return of the Giulietta, which we are sure will be extremely popular.”
For more information on the new Alfa Giulietta which is now available to order call Mangoletsi Alfa Romeo Dealership on 01565 722 899.

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