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Knutsford lawyer strikes oil in Crete

By on March 31, 2010

Branching out in her spare time from her full time role as family partner at Mace & Jones law firm to take up olive oil farming.

In 2004, Mrs Dunn and her husband John teamed up with friends Marcus and Kirsty to buy land in Crete to build some holiday villas. As part of the development Tina and the group also acquired 200 olive trees. Knutsford based Mrs Dunn and the group have been farming the olives and produce their own olive oil using traditional organic processes. The olives are sent for pressing within 24 hours of picking and are cold pressed to produce the highest quality of oil. Unfiltered and unblended, the oil has a highly distinctive fruity flavour with a pleasing pepper kick.

Mrs Dunn commented on how she handles her two roles as a prominent Knutsford lawyer and a blossoming Greek olive oil farmer.

“Cultivating the olives is a slow but enjoyable process and we have all learned so much about the farming method,” she said. “I thoroughly enjoy my role as a partner in the family law team at Mace & Jones in Knutsford and being part of the business community here. Being involved with the Saint Basil Olive Grove provides a great contrast, which gives me a good balance.”

Saint Basil Olive Grove has really taken root and now produces 250ml. 500ml and three litre tins of the exceptional tasting oil. Tins are available by mail order to the UK or from the Grove’s two outlets in the UK based in Altrincham, near Manchester and Litton Mill, near Buxton.

For more information about Saint Basil Olive Grove and how to buy the olive oil visit: or call: 0161 980 6754.

For more information on Mace & Jones contact its Knutsford office on: 01565 634234

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