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The Russians are coming!!

By on September 4, 2010
They will be singing at St. Wilfrid’s Church Mobberley on Wednesday 8th September
Based at the St Petersburg Conservatoire – the centre of traditional Russian choral music – the Blagovest Ensemble is noted for its musicians’ high professionalism and their unashamed passion for the music they love to share.  Their concert repertoire includes pearls of Russian choral a cappella music, both spiritual and secular. 
Russian choral music, with its distinctive melodic patterns, holds a unique place in the musical culture of the world – due in no small measure to the Russian Orthodox Church, which allows only the sound of the human voice to praise God in worship and whose choral tradition goes back a thousand years.  Even a small ensemble allows an audience to feel the dramatic and melodic wealth which characterises this music. It fascinates with its beauty and strength and leaves nobody indifferent.  
Censored in Soviet Russia for almost 70 years, it is only in recent years that the masterpieces of Russian choral spiritual music have sounded again, thanks to the work of professional musicians like Blagovest, who are devoted to this wonderful genre. Today this music is experiencing a second birth, allowing us all to re-open forgotten pages of world culture. 
The St Petersburg Blagovest Ensemble will be performing a concert of sacred and folk music at St. Wilfrid’s Church Mobberley on Wednesday 8th September 2010 at 7.30pm. Enquiries: Ian Blay on 01565 873218.  Admission £10 inc. refreshments. 

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