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Clare’s Pickmere patrol

By on September 11, 2010

UPDATED: One of the areas that I cover is Pickmere. I do regular foot patrol around the area and have got to know some of the children on Clover Drive.

As the main part of my role is community engagement I wanted to get to know the children more and wanted them to get used to seeing me around the area and know that they could come and speak to me about anything at all which may be troubling them.

As I hold regular Police Surgeries in Pickmere which are not attended by residents, I wanted to find another way to be available for any one to come and speak to me about issues which may be affecting them. I also wanted to become part of the community and not just be seen as working for the police. The PCSO role enables me to get out in the areas that I cover and gives me the opportunity to engage with the public on a one to one level.

To help with this I arranged a toys picnic for the children and it was held at the park on Clover Drive from 12 o’clock to 2:30 pm on the 27th August and was advertised by posters being put up at the park and on the caravan park at the end of Clover Drive.

I managed to enlist the help of three local ladies who normally do the teas by the lake on a Sunday. Between us we made the food for the picnic and one of them made up a parcel for pass the parcel. We had sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, jelly and lots of fairy cakes.

We had 10 children attend with their parents, and we had really good weather which made all the difference.

We did pass the parcel to music which was supplied by one of the parents who attended with their children. Everyone really enjoyed that and they all got some sweets out of it and the winner got some colouring crayons.

We also had a “best toy” competition, which I judged, and the owner of the winning toy got a big handful of sweets.

At the end of the picnic everyone said that they had a really good time and enjoyed it a lot, and all the parents commented on what a good idea it was to introduce the children to the police.

I have had a good response from the residents of Pickmere and they really appreciate the fact that I am out and about in the area on a regular basis, and they like the fact that they can come and approach me on the street and talk about any issues which may be affecting them.

Pickmere has a really good community spirit and I try to get involved as much as I can with things that are going on in the area. I think that it is important to let the residents know that I am there to help them and that they can contact me about anything, no matter how small.

It also helps to let them know that the police need to work closely with the public as we need them to inform us  about things that may go on in the area. By being out in Pickmere and being approachable and getting involved in community activities I have the opportunity to do this.

News Update 26th September 2010: Click here to download the letter from The Pickmere Community Group

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