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Dog eats dog!

By on January 25, 2011

Well not quite, but when local Knutsford lady, Sue Carter arrived with Evie, an 11 month old slate merle, Border Collie at Cheshire Pet Veterinary Surgery in Holmes Chapel suffering from vomiting, everyone was in for a surprise.

Liz Bowett, Veterinary Surgeon who is new to the surgery, x–rayed Evie and discovered a large object in her stomach.  Still unclear as to what it was, a camera was inserted for a closer look, this is when she discovered a fur ball the size of a football. It appeared that Evie is partial to the black hair of cocker spaniels!

Sue her owner has kept dogs all her life and owns Mucky Pups dog grooming salon in Knutsford, and she had never known a dog do this, it really is extremely rare. Sue commented “I have never come across this before; Evie was being rather crafty as pups can be and it now appears that Evie had been eating the clipped hair off the floor whilst no one was looking. She showed no signs of choking or chewing it was only when she became ill that I realised something was amiss.”

From day to day vets become accustomed to finding unusual objects that pets become partial to chewing and eating.  Cheshire Pet in Holmes Chapel has been known to recover rubber balls, a pair of tights, a cassette tape and even a full corn on the cob.  Liz explained “Fur balls are more common in cats and are caused by them grooming their own hair, often they will cough them up, but this was a significant amount of hair and we had to make sure it was completely removed. Liz continued “Always be aware of what your pets are eating as you never know what they may fall partial to next and they won’t know the damage it could cause!”

Evie was operated on and left with a four inch wound due to the size of the mass.  She has since fully recovered and Sue has installed a wall so that she can’t mop up the salon floor anymore.

For more help or information, contact Cheshire Pet in Holmes Chapel (01477 544554) or Sandbach (01270 765555)

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