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Roll up your sleeve and Give Blood!

By on May 31, 2011

Proud local Knutsfordian, Guy Wolstencroft aged 42.5, is embarking on running Europe’s toughest and most brutal marathon, at Mont Blanc, Chamonix.

Rather than ask for the usual charitable money donations, Guy is asking people to donate a pint of their blood for FREE.  He has set a target of 2011 pints by July with a campaign called “Fancy sharing a pint?”  last year, with a similar drive over 3,600 pints were donated throughout the UK and Europe, USA, even across Australia and New Zealand.

“I was staggered by last year’s donations –over 2,000 people gave for the very first time and continue to do so, which is remarkable given that only 4% of the population donate.  So many people’s lives have been transformed and saved by complete strangers who have so selflessly donated – you cannot give a more rewarding gift to someone.” said Guy, a former Yorston Lodge pupil, the happy school his daughters now attend.

“If you have donated before then you know how uplifting and rewarding the feeling is and if you have never done before you are in for a treat! In exchange for a tiny insignificant scratch, you can then relax in the knowledge that each pint has the potential to save three lives – I know that you will feel great after doing this.  I have been so moved by the daily emails I receive – often being incredibly moved by so many emotional stories, such as from Laura aged only 8 from Scotland who said that she wouldn’t be alive today without the generous donations from people she had never even met, one of scores of similar uplifting stories – inspirational!”

Asked about the race, Guy enthusiastically carried on “After all the training I cannot wait to start this epic race – running at altitude around Europe’s highest mountain with spectacular views over the vallies and glacier, traversing up and down over tough terrain whilst competing amongst some of the continents fittest athletes knowing that so many have or will selflessly pledge to help a father, son, mother or daughter – it will make me smile with every step I run. Just sign up NOW- as it’s in us all to give”

To help save lives is very simple – just log onto or call 0300 123 23 23 – and they will let you know just how close and soon you can generously donate. Follow Guy on Facebook and “Fancy sharing a pint?” and then email telling him at Do something amazing – Give Blood!


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