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Help preserve the environment – switch to reusable nappies

By on June 10, 2011

Lucinda Hodges, Cheshire East Council waste education officer, with 14-month-old Nathan Ensor and mum Sarah Ensor.

Parents learned how they can save up to £1,000 on nappies for their children at an information event in Macclesfield.

The event, at Macclesfield Library, was part of Cheshire East’s drive to encourage parents, grandparents and carers to buy reusable nappies.

Officers and volunteers were on hand to hammer home the message that switching from disposable nappies to reusable ones could save parents between £500 and £1,000.

Visitors were also given the chance to view a range of colourful and trendy products with information on how to wash them. They were also offered £25 cashback on Real Nappy products, or a one-month free nappy laundry trial – worth £45.

Councillor Rod Menlove, Cabinet member with responsibility for environmental services, said: “It is important that parents seriously consider changing from disposable to washable nappies to reduce the volume of disposable ones that go to landfill.

“Babies get through about 5,000 disposable nappies in their first two to two-and-a-half years compared to 25-30 reusable nappies.

“Most of what is left to go in non-recyclable bins following the introduction of the Think Silver, Think Recycling scheme is food waste, cat litter and disposable nappies and this is costing the tax payer 10 times more in landfill disposal costs.

“Used disposable nappies are contaminated waste and make up around five per cent of residual waste. We all have a duty to maintain the environment and we are encouraging residents, through incentive schemes, to make a positive change in terms of reducing landfill.”

Modern reusable nappies are shaped, stylish and easy to fasten with no safety pins – they are now fastened with Velcro or poppers.

There is a nappy style to suit many modern lifestyles and babies, making them a real alternative to disposables and are available in a range of colours and fabrics – including organic cotton, fleece and bamboo.

More Real Nappy events are being organised in Cheshire East, but in the meantime parents can find out more by visiting and clicking on Waste and Recycling, before choosing ‘Real Nappies Information’ near the bottom of the screen.


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