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Knutsford’s history gets a boost

By on November 11, 2011

The origins of the name Knutsford have been disputed by historians but there is an ancient and popular explanation.

After one of his victories, King Canute crossed the brook known as Birken and the village became known as ‘Canute’s ford’ later to be changed to Knutsford. The Domesday Book gives some credence to this by calling it ‘Cunetesford’ (Canute’s Ford). Canute was the king of England from 1016 to 1035 and his name in Old Norse was Knútr.

Over the years Knutsford became popular and affluent with the many wealthy families who settled in the vicinity. In the late 1800s Richard Harding Watt arrived with his money and love of Italian architecture, and used his wealth to build the Gaskell Memorial tower in memory of the town’s famous author Elizabeth Gaskell and the Kings Coffee House next to it. Going back a little further, the town is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Looking beyond the exquisite exterior of these well-kept photos, readers can see the historical context in which they are set. Through the author’s factual captions for every picture and carefully-selected choice of images, the reader can achieve a reliable view of local history.

So why not take a tour around Knutsford; Cheshire’s gem, explore the home of Elizabeth Gaskell and the house of notorious highwayman Edward Higgins, see how things once looked – in one case as far back as 1865 – and see what the same scenes present you with today.

The book is available at Waterstones in Knutsford or by clicking here to buy it online

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