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Mark McLoughlin is literally in his dream job. The 31 year old sales executive works at the new McLaren Manchester showroom in Knutsford, Cheshire where he has been selling the new McLaren MP4 -12C supercar to the North West elite. The MP4 -12C is the first production car wholly designed and built by McLaren since the McLaren F1.

Mark, who originally hails from Buckinghamshire, is a self-confessed motorsport fanatic and first started competing in motorsport at the age of 11 when he took part in cadet karting and raced against other young hopefuls such as Jenson Button. “I had a Dream! When I was young I was convinced I would be a Formula 1 driver with McLaren. In the late eighties and early nineties McLaren drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost reigned supreme in Formula 1 and I wanted to follow them into the sport” comments Mark.

At the age of 16 Mark started competing in car races in the British Formula First Championship, and in 1999 bagged his first major sponsor and a promotion to the British & European Formula Renault Championships. In a three year period Mark achieved seven race victories and two championship titles whilst competing against now well-known names such as Massa, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Kovalainen. “I was good enough to compete against my peers and good enough to win races but I soon realised it would be a difficult task to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver” said Mark. ”By the time I reached the levels of Formula 3, I no longer had the money to continue and had to contemplate a change of direction.”

The two things in life the 25 year old was most interested in were motorsport and motorcars and so in 2005 he entered the motor industry with Peugeot. He had the same aspiration in the motor industry as he had in his racing days – he wanted to work with the best cars available. In 2006 he joined Sytner Group and worked with the Porsche marque for four years, culminating in being appointed the business manager at the group’s Silverstone dealership. “I always had my dream at the back of my mind and my desire to work for McLaren never left me so I was delighted when I received an internal news release at Sytner revealing that McLaren was planning to get into retail and the Sytner Group was opening one of only three UK dealerships in Knutsford. Within 30 minutes of reading that news, I contacted my boss and told him…I’m your man!”

“I have to admit” said Mark, “ I am now even more obsessed with the McLaren brand. McLaren is all about technical excellence and innovation, together with high quality service, so it helps that I am passionate about the new car and so too are my customers.” The McLaren MP4-12C is a V8 Twin Turbo supercar that uses innovative, Formula One derived technologies, to push the boundaries of road-car design. Carbon-fibre chassis, Pro-active Chassis Control, and brake steer, all contribute to the 12C’s ground-breaking levels of performance.

“Our new showroom in the heart of Knutsford is fast becoming a major attraction in not just the town, but also the North West. The photographers I see every day outside our showroom are testimony to that and the car has generated huge interest. I know I am so lucky to be working with McLaren and I still have to pinch myself every day!”

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