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Knutsford Police warn motorists of drink-driving consequences

By on December 14, 2011

Knutsford Police are warning people if they drink and drive this Christmas they will get caught.

The Good news for drivers in Cheshire this festive season is that drink and drug drivers will be stopped as police officers will be out and about safeguarding and protecting responsible drivers.

The Bad news is drunk drivers can expect to be breathalysed any time of the day, so if you have been drinking the night before get a lift to work rather than take the chance. Local Police will also be using officers who are qualified to test drivers who may be impaired by drugs.

The Ugly truth about drink and drug driving is that last December there were 3459 drivers stopped and asked to take the breath test, which resulted in 162 people arrested, 87% were men and 13% were women.

Last year’s figures showed that more than half of the people arrested were between the ages of 17 and 35 so Cheshire Police’s are sending out a clear message to this age group that officers will be targeting drink drivers.

Using intelligence, roads policing officers will be in the right place at the right time to arrest you if you make the bad decision to drink or take drugs then drive, watch out particularly on a Friday, Saturday and a Sunday morning.

Knutsford Police Sergeant Alex McMillan said “Our message to drivers is not that they shouldn’t go out and have a good time over the festive period but if you have had any alcohol then don’t’ get behind the wheel as any amount of alcohol can impair your judgment. Our advice is to plan your night out and think about how you will get home”

Cheshire Police’s Good, Bad and Ugly campaign is launching the 12 days of Christmas campaign this week to illustrate the dangers of drink driving and other alcohol related crimes, for further information log on to

Submitted by Sergeant McMillan
Neighbourhood Policing Team

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