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Terminal 4 comes to Tatton Park?

By on April 26, 2012

Visitors to Tatton Park on Tuesday, April 24 would have been forgiven for thinking Manchester Airport had extended its reach into rural Cheshire East, when the fuselage of a commercial aeroplane ‘landed’ in the historic parkland.

‘Gleaners of the Infocalypse’ by Juneau Projects (artists Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler) is an extraordinary piece of visual art commissioned especially for Tatton Park Biennial 2012.

Juneau Projects’ work involves the installing of the ten metre tail-end of a decommissioned BAe 146-200 aeroplane in the parkland. The plane provides a monumental sized canvas, which will be painted, in situ, over the coming weeks.

The narrative which inspires this work is that following an apocalyptic worldwide event, the remains of an abandoned, crashed plane is ‘rescued’ and converted into a makeshift studio and base for wildlife artists. A huge stag will eventually be painted on this new canvas, creating, as the artists commented “a tribal emblem to protect them and to ward off other hostile survivors.”

This is the latest in a series of re-inventions for the aeroplane, and is just one stopover on its intriguing journey!

The aeroplane was built in Woodford, Stockport in 1984 and has seen service under nine airlines including Pacific Southwest Airlines, USAir and Aer Lingus. It was sourced by Retro Aviation, who have also overseen its transfer to and installation in the lush meadows of Tatton Park.

Juneau Projects hope their piece will create a number of responses in visitors. They would like them “to feel a sense of both curiosity and wonder: how did this plane get here? Why is it painted like it is?”

They also hope visitors will feel encouraged to “fill out the narrative behind the work, to reflect upon the possible scenarios and situations that might have led people to have constructed a shelter from a section of a plane and how these inhabitants survive from day to day.”

The work is, they believe, “like a giant prop from a film” and one which will, no doubt, continue to intrigue throughout the duration of the Biennial.

Curators, Danielle Arnaud and Jordan Kaplan, from commissioning group Parabola said “This has been an extraordinary journey, both for the artists and the curators. We have dreamt of seeing a dysfunctional, disembodied plane sitting in the parkland for over a year and, after many attempts and a few false starts, we hope that the encounter will enchant our audiences.

“The work is an important one that can resonate with pop-cultural and sci-fi notions of the present and future. Importantly, the work is also a platform, from which performances, workshops and tours can be staged. We are delighted by its many prospects.”

Tatton Park Biennial 2012 is a leading contemporary art event, which opens to the public on Saturday, May 12 and runs until September 30.

Every other year new work is commissioned from established and emerging artists, inspired by and for Tatton Park. Previous Biennials took place in 2008 and 2010 to critical and public acclaim. In 2012 the Biennial examines the human urge to fly and the aeronautical legacy of Tatton Park and the region.

For more information visit: www.tattonparkbiennial.org

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