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The Beach Towel Clip is a funky new way to stop your beach towel blowing away!

By on November 13, 2012


The ingenious polypropylene clip comes in a handy set of four and when snapped apart is simply pushed into the sand to hold down the four corners of your beach towel or picnic blanket.

No more searching for stones on the beach or using your flip flops or water bottles to keep your towel flat.

This 100% Cheshire designed, UK manufactured product was thought up whilst its inventor was sat on the beach in Ibiza trying to think of a way to stop his beach towel from blowing away every time he went for a dip in the sea.

Rather than put up with searching for stones and chasing the towel down the beach Poynton resident Jonathan Meare of jdmdesigns limited decided to put pen to paper.

Eighteen months after the initial design sketches were produced the process of 3d models prototypes and factory visits resulted in The Beach Towel Clip and its own website.

The product was successfully launched in June 2010 and now has stockists in 20+ countries around the world from Canada to New Zealand and all points in-between.

The top of the clip has also been designed to have customer’s logos for use as a marketing tool or promotional gift.

The Beach Towel Clip would make a great stocker filler for those beach lovers in the family and has an rrp of £9.99/set + p&p through its own website shop page. Available in summer shades of aqua blue, orange or white.

For more information see the website

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