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BIG lottery funding for local grow-th

By on December 6, 2012

Knutsford GROW (the local charity that helps the elderly and disabled with their gardens) is delighted to announce it has received a grant from the BIG Lottery Fund to extend its service into Bexton Ward and Warren Avenue in Knutsford.

The service is provided by volunteers some with Adult Learning Difficulties, some with other issues and some from the Knutsford community generally.  The BIG Lottery Fund has provided funding to support a yearlong pilot project in the new area.

“GROW has being working in parts of Knutsford for over twelve years” said Chairman Neil Forbes.  “We use a volunteer team of gardeners but we still have to cover our overheads. Without funding and support like this we would not be able to expand the service and help the community in line with our strategic plans.”

A new part-time Coordinator is being sought (the only paid person on the project) to set up the new area from scratch.  Once they are in place they will be extending the service so if you are or know someone who might benefit or would like to volunteer please see our website email us or speak to one of the existing team on 07906-097339.  We need volunteer gardeners of all abilities, help with admin or by being a trustee.  Volunteering won’t affect any unemployment benefits you may be on and looks good on your CV or university applications.

We ensure that volunteering for GROW benefits our volunteers by providing training and encouragement as well as the residents who have nicer gardens and are less isolated as a result.

With thanks to Neil Forbes for sending this article into the Knutsford Times.

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