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And they call it ……….. piggy love!

By on February 8, 2013

Tatton's Cupig thinking of TallulahTatton’s new `Large White’ boar is keeping his trotters crossed that in the run up to Valentines Day love will well and truly be in the air around his new piggery home.

The year old pig, aptly named Cupig, moved to Tatton Park’s Home Farm last week in the hope that he would be able to woo one of Tatton’s 6 rare breed sows, find the love of his life and nuzzle down to raise their piglets!

Farm staff  have been helping Cupig in his quest to find a mate by ensuring he’s well turned out at all times. Large Whites, as the name suggests, have very white skin so the Farm staff wash Cupig regularly in the hope that he’ll turn a few heads as the sows trot by. They’ve also been playing seductive Barry White love songs in the piggery throughout the day to get them in the mood!

During his first week Cupig has been spending an unusual amount of time tidying his piggery. It is hoped that this attention to detail will ensure that, by the time February 14th arrives, one of the sows will have taken Cupig up on the offer to join him for a well earned date in the farm’s mud pond!

Jayne Chapman, Farm manager commented:  “Cupig appears to have an eye for the older lady paying particular attention to our gorgeous Tamworth, Tallulah…..they would make a lovely couple”

Cupig is one of seven pigs at Tatton Park’s Home Farm. Pigs have played an important part in the Tatton Park estate, originally providing food for the owners and workers living at Tatton. Today its pig herd comprises of six rare breeds that are on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) watch list: the Tamworth, Large Black, Middle White, Berkshire, Saddleback and Gloucestershire Old Spot. Each individual has their own unique personality making them all great characters. An average of 150 piglets are reared at the Farm each year and the work carried out by Tatton in protecting these rare breeds has resulted in Tatton receiving rare breeds accreditation by the RBST – only 17 farms have received this award.

Visitors to Tatton Park’s farm can see for themselves how handsome Cupig looks and more importantly find out how his dating is progressing. They can also pay a visit to Tatton’s sows……including Tallulah and Sally the Saddleback and her 4 week old piglets.

Those looking for that special Valentine gift may like to consider adopting Tallulah, one of five animals available to adopt through the Farms’ animal adoption scheme.

Tatton’s Farm is open in low season (to March 22nd) every weekend 11am-4pm, last entry 3pm.  In high season (March 23rd to October 27th) it is open every day except Monday 12pm to 5pm, last entry 4pm. Entry charges apply.

For further information about the Farm’s adoption scheme visit or call 01625 374400 for a leaflet.

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