The SIlkmen bring sunshine to Mobberley residents

By on April 2, 2013

Sunrise Senior Living of Mobberley has been enjoying a taste of the famous Moss Rose atmosphere in recent weeks, as representatives from Macclesfield Town Football Club have been making special visits to spend time with residents.

Sue Cameron AVC, Peter Wallin(resident), Jack Chisnall, Sam Moore, Alex Cooke

Sue Cameron AVC, Peter Wallin(resident), Jack Chisnall, Sam Moore, Alex Cooke

The Silkmen’s Sam Moore, Alex Cooke and Jack Chisnall have been visiting the Sunrise community every Wednesday afternoon to take a break from the pressures of the promotion push and relax with their new friends.

The Macclesfield trio can’t go anywhere without their footballs, but rather than hitting the back of the net they have been using them to play word association games with residents who live with dementia.

The afternoons are part of a life enrichment programme underway at the club which encourages players and staff to engage with the local community.

Sue Cameron, Activities and Volunteers Co-ordinator, at Sunrise of Mobberley said:

“It’s lovely to have the guys from Macclesfield to come down on Wednesday afternoons.  They get on fantastically with the residents who really look forward to their visits.

“Their visits have a serious side too, and their work with our dementia patients is outstanding.  It’s important for our residents to be active and be mentally challenged, and having the Macclesfield Town guys down every week at Sunrise of Mobberley is a really fun way of doing this.”

Sam Moore, Community Sports Development Officer, at Macclesfield Town, said:

“Every time we arrive the residents are happy to see us.  It’s a very rewarding experience and always brings a smile to my face.”

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