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Blooming Marvellous!

By on July 26, 2013

What a ‘blooming marvel’ Knutsford looked today. The streets have burst into bloom with a frenzy of vibrant, colourful, floral displays in just about every house, shop and local business…and how truly wonderful it looked!


The effort and imagination that went into the displays was astounding! The town has never looked so nice it really was a sight to behold.


From magnificent hanging baskets outside the The Old Sessions House, Geralds of Knutsford Jewellers, Cross Keys and the Rose and Crown to oceans of red geraniums outside the Belle Époque Restaurant.

Gusto with its GIANT floral cocktail glass, Knutsford Wine Bar with a floral guitar and Pulse of Perfumery…all outstanding.


Just about every premises along the whole of King and Princess Street joined in.


Knutsford Nail Studio, Knutsford Hair Spa, Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and Don Giovani’s all looked beautiful. Polished glass, Black Rose, Aunty Mabel’s Seat, Mughli, Knutsford Bloom, Cancer Research, PR Jones, Terrance Paul, Piccolino, Canvas Lounge, Boa, Willow… cont,

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…Etruria, The Angel, Edmunson House, Lord Eldon, White Bear, Knutsford Hair Spa and Café Orange, Claire & Illingworth, Cocaranti, Vermillion, Trinity, Zapatos, Woods, I’m sure I’ve missed a few and forgive me if I have, they are probably hidden behind blooms!…but what a truly outstanding effort by everyone.

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As Town Mayor I commend and congratulate you all for entering into the spirit and helping to make our beautiful town so gorgeous. It has taken you all time, effort, imagination and let’s not forget a considerable amount of money to rise to this occasion and help.

Visit the Belle Epoque
That’s what Knutsford is all about…team effort, getting the job done and enhancing what has to be the nicest town in Cheshire.

Why not pay a visit to Vermillion

I hope the weather holds and we get many weeks of enjoyment out of your magnificent creations. Well done and a very heartfelt personal thank you to everyone who has helped, you have shown Knutsford at its best.

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For anyone who has enjoyed the floral displays this year and didn’t manage to take part I would ask you to consider joining in next year, whether you are shy little wall flower waiting to bloom or a big bright beautiful sunflower, I urge you all to become involved and join Knutsfords floral extravaganza. Let’s do Knutsford Proud!!!!!

Visit Mr Simms on The Best of Knutsford

Congratulations must also go to Pulse of Perfumery who were this year’s winners for the RHS Best Shop Window, A truly magnificent display, “It’s a real picture, it really is”, I was delighted to be able to present Peter Murray of Pulse of Perfumery with The RHS award and certificate which will be on display in the shop.

On the Pulse of Perfumery
He was absolutely thrilled to have won but gave high praise for all the displays around Knutsford, we both took the opportunity to have a chat about how so many people have got behind the idea and the many unique and stunning displays around the town.

Gusto Knutsford

I just can’t help but wonder what delights will be in store for next year.

Now…where did I put my watering can?

Sam Youd – Tatton Park’s retired head gardener, Knutsford in Bloom and myself will be judging the ‘Best front garden in Knutsford’ and the ‘Best Business’ floral awards on the 30th July so keep up the good work everyone and who knows, we could be coming to a display near you.

Written by Cllr Barbara Coan – Knutsford Town Mayor

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