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Ben Nevis climb completed! (video included)

By on October 15, 2013

A team of dedicated employees including workers from the Knutsford Barbour Partner Retail Store took on the UK’s largest mountain to raise money for the charity that’s close to their hearts.

IMG_1354Last weekend a group of nine employees made the 7 hour journey to the town of Fort William in Scotland to begin their ascent to the summit of Ben Nevis. The event has helped to raise over £5,000 for Cancer Research UK.

The local team decided back in May that they wanted to organise an event that would allow them to support Cancer Research simply because each one of them had been affected by the disease through friends or family. Lauren Stone, who organised the event, highlighted the importance of the charities’ efforts, “most of us do not realise the valuable work that Cancer Research does until something happens to them, a family member or a friend”.

The employees rallied their family and friends for donations and even organised a fund raising weekend at a local pub, which added nearly £900 to their goal of £2000. Owing to the success of the fund raiser, a second event has been planned for the coming weeks, where prizes from local and national companies will be raffled off and proceeds added to the current total, all of which will be donated to Cancer Research.

This was the first time that any of the group had attempted a challenge of this scale and nerves were high as final preparations were being made. Lead by a guide, the nine employees reached the summit at 1PM on Saturday before beginning their descent to base camp.

Thankfully, everyone came through it with a smile on their face despite some aching legs and a couple of blisters, each member was happy to be able to do what they could for the charity. However, some of the group were surprised to find that the walk back to the bottom of the mountain was more tiring than climbing up to the summit!

By the time the team began scaling Ben Nevis they had managed to raise over £2,500 and when things got tough on the mountainside, the group took inspiration from the amount that had been generously donated by their sponsors.

As part of the company’s Social Responsibility policy, Smith & Morris pledges to match any amounts raised by its employees; this has catapulted the teams’ total through their £2,000 target to £5,000.

The nine employees from Blackbrook & Knutsford can now celebrate the culmination of 5 months of preparation and fund raising for the charity that means so much to them. With the current total raised for Cancer Research UK standing at over £5,000, the Ben Nevis trip was a huge success and it’s hoped that even more can be raised over the coming weeks.

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