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Only 17% of Cheshire’s speed cameras are switched on

By on November 14, 2017

Only 17% of fixed speed cameras on Cheshire roads are switched on according to Cheshire Police.

Highlighted by a Freedom of Information response obtained by the Press Association (PA) which revealed only around half of speed camera on British roads are active.

There are 54 fixed camera sites in Cheshire, with and additional nine that are moved around. This means that only 17% are active at any one time.


In Cheshire there are 54 fixed camera sites but only nine cameras which are moved around so the motorist never knows whether the device is operational. This means only 17% are active at any one time.

Emma James from Cheshire Police said: “Speed cameras are used as a deterrent to ensure drivers adhere to the speed limits. As well as fixed cameras, officers will also deploy mobile speed cameras and regularly review which of the fixed cameras are turned on.”

Other forces with fewer than 25% of fixed camera active include Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Kent and South Yorkshire. Some forces have turned their cameras off altogether according to the information released.





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