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Cheshire Game & Angling Fair 2017: When is it, what’s on, how much does it cost & all you need to know

By on June 29, 2017

Starting humbly in 1984, Chesire Game and Angling Fair has grown in leaps and bounds to become an iconic premier family attraction not just in Chesire County but in the whole of the North West. The event is held annually in the stunning grounds of Peover Hall, Knutsford, which overlook the postcard backdrop of the strikingly beautiful Chesire countryside. Each year both new and returning visitors come for action packed and family-friendly shows that cater for the tastes and interests of everyone, young and old, male and female. This year’s event takes place on Saturday August 6th 2017.


The Main Ring is perhaps the biggest attraction for this action-packed event. Some of its attractions include falconry show, security dog, Ferret World and Cyril the Squirrel shows. There are also major exhibitions such as angling, vintage engine and Newfoundland Rescue.

Apart from the regular attractions that the show has built on since its beginning 33 years ago, there are many new additions such as the Fun Dog Show which have quickly gained popularity with visitors.

Among the numerous events on offer at the Main Ring is the Horsemen of the Knights. This is an action-packed show that includes, among other things, breath-taking horsemanship and stunt riding that will blow your mind away. Not only that, you will also be entertained with numerous stunts and sword fights that will take you to the medieval times when such activities were the order of the day.

Another horse-themed event is the Rose of Horse Power Forestry. This activity demonstrates the skill of horse logging which has been around for a very long time but which is quickly dying out. The skill is demonstrated as a viable and sustainable option for modern forestry thanks to its efficiency and flexibility in timber extraction and the wide range of equipment it can be used with, both modern and traditional.

There are also many dog-themed events. Among them is a demonstration by Newfoundlands on the various types of rescue work that they conduct. Newfoundland is primarily a sea dog. In the ages gone by they always accompanied fishermen and rarely would boats leave the shore without them on board. Throughout history they have carried out so many heroic rescues that their name has become synonymous with courage. Newfoundland’s water resistant double coat, webbed feet, strong tail and powerful swimming style makes them ideal dogs for water work. They also have strong water rescue instincts. They can sense when someone in water, either young old, needs help and whether there’s someone around who can help them. If not they swim to the person in need of help and then circle them until they receive assistance.

Another dog-themed event is a fantastic demonstration by Personal Working Dogs (PWD) team on security dogs. The demonstration shows how security dogs can be switched on and off as required.

Terrier and Lurcher classes is also a popular dog-themed event that you cannot afford to miss. The classes run throughout the day. For both breeds you will learn how they are trained from the time they are puppies to the time when they are veterans. Once in a while throw in Terrier and Lurcher racing which is an absolute joy to watch and even more enjoyable to partake in.

The climax of the dog-themed event is the Gun Dog demonstration. This demonstration takes visitors through all the stages of their training from when they are puppies to when they become full-fledged shooting companions.

The Falconry Exhibition is another event you cannot afford to miss. The Falconry Display educates various visitors about Britain’s birds of prey and the traditional art of falconry. There will be numerous and exciting demonstrations of this art with visitors being allowed to participate in some of them.

Being a family event, children are not left behind in the day’s menu of festivities. There are plenty of great fun amusements as well as rides that children will definitely find exciting. The most popular children’s event is perhaps the Ferret World Road Show. This show has been featured numerous times on radio and television. Many children are therefore quite familiar with it. The show introduces children to ferrets in a way that they will find interesting and at the same time educative thanks to the informal way in which it is presented and the well-known ‘Ferret Run’. The children can either watch this utterly exciting event or participate in it for maximum fun.

With the event largely supported by Chesire traders, the show has numerous trade stands for local traders. Here you will find numerous products from Chesire County, particularly foodstuffs. The stands give visitors innumerable opportunities to sample and buy just about everything that Chesire County has to offer.


There are two main ways of purchasing tickets for the event: online and at the gate. It is upon you to choose the method that you will find most convenient. Often, the organizers of the event run an online-only promotional offer for about a month before the date of the event. This is usually a 20% discount on the gate price of the tickets. Thus, if tickets at the gate go for £20 buying the ticket online while the promotion is on-going will cost you £16. To purchase online you will need a PayPal account because the event’s online payment is done through its PayPal store which is very secure. Even when the online-only promotion ends you can still purchase tickets at the gate on the day of the event though you will have to pay more than you would have paid online during the running of the promotion.

33 years since its founding Chesire Game & Angling Fair has remained as exciting as ever. It is by far the biggest one day event in Chesire County. Each year it draws record crowds, both new and returning visitors, who are attracted to its exceptionally exciting events. If you really want to have great fun together with your family Chesire Game & Angling Fair is an event you cannot to miss. The fair is organised by local people for charities in Chesire County. Thus, apart from having a good time your attendance will also be helping many charities that are having a huge positive impact on the society. Find out more at

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