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Fringe benefits for young comic talent

By on June 3, 2009

So many great comic talents started out on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: a place I have long dreamt of performing at. When I was at Knutsford High School I loved being involved in the drama, dance and musical productions as well as being in Little Theatre and Knutsford Operatic Society productions and I’ve taken that enthusiasm with me to Bristol University where I’m in my first year. 

As part of a small group of students in Bristol, I’m thrilled to be taking up our very own piece to the Fringe to become a part of this exciting festival that every year buzzes with new, young talent.

Our piece is called ‘Selective Hearing’, and it’s primarily a drama, but has funny songs thrown in, as we couldn’t bear to let the talents of the singers, song writers and musicians of the group go to waste. Selective Hearing is about how one rumour can reveal a multitude of unwanted secrets.

Set in a high school where a dark rumour is flying around about the most popular girl in school, we follow how this escalates to affect every character. It’s only a rumour, but this doesn’t matter as old and current rivalries are revealed in the fight to be  the new ‘Queen Bee’, the effects of an ill-spent youth are highlighted and concealed identities are unwillingly revealed as the ripples spread.

We’ve set the characters and story line and now every member of the cast is contributing to the script. It’s a scary, but exciting, experience to take on every single aspect ourselves, from script writing to marketing; we’ve taken on every responsibility as a company and for many of us this is the first time we’ve had to scout for a venue or produce press packs but it’s meant that this piece is truly ours from start to finish and we are all the more excited to showcase it at the best festival for fresh talent.

Putting on any show at The Fringe is an incredibly expensive process and with limited help from performing arts societies or sponsorship from companies due the current economic climate, we have to fund the entire project ourselves. So whilst we are currently pulling every fundraising trick out of the bag, any sponsorship will be gratefully received.

If you want to support the project there is an online sponsorship form that can be quickly and easily filled in: or alternatively, call 07837 561 686. If you come up to Edinburgh and enjoy the fringe, you’ll know that you’ve contributed to keeping it fresh and exciting, and helped home grown talent to flourish.

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