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Rocky Monster's at Knutsford Little Theatre

By on June 29, 2009

This week Knutsford Little Theatre juniors present “The Rocky Monster Show”, a musical by Malcolm Sircom. If like me, you have no idea what to expect from such a title, then do be reassured.

aThis is a wonderful creation which incorporates many of the best characters from some of our greatest thrillers. If you remain observant you will notice no end of little cameos and familiar names, all wrapped into an intriguing plot.

We begin as Daniel Stoker and Rebecca Shelley (get the idea?!) arrive at a rather bleak and unwelcoming Arkham station. They are starting new jobs at Fenton Laboratories, run by the mysterious Professor Fenton (a former rock star). The villagers are decidedly unwelcoming and by the time Dan and Rebecca reach the castle, darkness has fallen.

The housekeeper, one Mrs Danvers, her assistant Igor and the Professor’s lonely daughter Gloria welcome the visitors and settle them in. Meanwhile a storm is gathering outside, which is about to have an effect that is literally electric upon the DNA moulds the Professor has generated from research left by his predecessor, one Baron Frankenstein!

Rosie Galligan, Philippa Mallon and Rachael Stephenson give strong performances as Rebecca, Gloria and Mrs Danvers. Grace Huffer looks fantastic as Elsa and Pete Blain is a memorable Professor Fenton.

The music is spookily familiar with many big tunes hinted at and is enthusiastically delivered by the cast. Special mention must go to the young girls playing “The Superbs”, singing a number reminiscent of the Supremes – delightful!

Tickets are available on 01565 873515 and the show opens this Thursday 2nd July for 3 nights, ending with a matinee at 2.30pm on Sunday 5th July.

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