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Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

By on August 17, 2009

Audiences throughout the land have loved the classic ‘A Tomb With a View’ and this sequel, written twenty years after the original, is sure to please.

Lawyer Mortimer Crayle has gathered together the remaining members of the Tomb family in order to advise them of their inheritance following the carnage of the previous play. Whether any of the oddball characters get to see any of the money is another matter!

One thing for sure is that when fog descends on a decaying Gothic mansion, it can only mean one thing – a comedy thriller and the classic ingredients are all there – the poison in the decanter, the gruesome discovery in the cellar and the poor lost stranger. However, things are seldom as they seem and there is certainly a great deal of clowning around!

Author Norman Robbins says the play is “a glorious spoof, a gentle homage to the kind of comedy thriller that dominated the repertory scene in the fifties, but which presents an intriguing mystery too!”

Tiptoe Through the Tombstones was written fairly recently, less than ten years ago, so the play avoids seeming dated; a problem with many of the great farces of the sixties. In fact the play will appeal both to people who remember the heyday of the Whitehall farce and to younger audiences alike.

The director is Graham Hough and the performances are Thurs, Fri & Sat 15th – 17th October at 7.30pm at Byley Village Hall. Bookings can be made by contacting John Stock on 01477 533293 and all tickets are just £6.00.

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