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Knutsford Little Theatre review – KIlling Time

By on March 2, 2010

Killing Time was Richard Stockwell’s first play and made its début at the Theatre Royal, Windsor in 1997 staring Dennis Waterman and Glynis Barber.

It is not really surprising that two well known TV personalities played the original roles, or that Stockwell went on to be a staff writer for Eastenders, as this play certainly has a feel of a TV drama about it. The fact that the action takes place in a single location gives it a claustrophobic element that adds to the drama.

There are just two characters: Rick appears, on the surface, to be a reasonably successful businessman. He is wearing a suit, his house is comfortable, but his face tells another story. The years have not been kind to Rick and he has the look of a man who has suffered; something isn’t quite right about him. Jane, on the other hand, seems like a much more respectable character. She is attractive and knows how to make the most of her looks. She is expensively dressed and is probably a very good customer of the local spa. Things are not what they seem though, as we soon find out for ourselves.

A full length play with just two characters is tough on the actors, and can be tough on the audience too, if it doesn’t work, but I am delighted to say that Tony Turner and Lesley Hornsby make a very engaging pair and they will keep an audience enthralled from beginning to end. I have seen Tony at the Altrincham Garrick and at Buxton Festival, as well as here at Knutsford, and he is always impressive. Little wonder that he has twice won the Best Actor award as voted by members of KLT. Lesley is also an award winner, having won the Best Supporting Actress award from the Greater Manchester Drama Federation, and was very impressive in The Odd Couple (Female Version) and Sufficient Carbohydrate at KLT. The two have chemistry! They spar with each other beautifully, and their versatility is brilliantly demonstrated as each of the characters fight for the upper hand.

As this is a thriller, I cannot give away too much about the plot but suffice to say that these two have more in common than would at first appear. It is truly gripping right up to the shocking climax and the experienced hand of director Noel Cornes, as well as the superb skills of the cast, make this a play not to miss.

Killing Time runs from Wednesday 3rd until Saturday 6th of March. Doors open 7pm with curtain up at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 and may be reserved by contacting the Ticket Secretary on 01565 873515.


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