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Books: The Incredible Human Journey by Alice Roberts

By on May 16, 2009

This riveting book retraces the greatest journey ever made – the migration of our ancestors out of Africa. Genetic evidence suggests that we all share a many-times great-grandmother, who has been called ‘Eve’ who lived in Africa some 200,000 years ago.

Much later, between 50 and 80,000 years ago, a small group of her descendants left the continent – and went on to populate the rest of the world. But how did they do it? Alice Roberts has been travelling the globe, following the trail of clues left by these ancestors, and piecing together the story of the human diaspora.

From Sub-Saharan Africa, her starting point, she traces the footsteps of Homo Sapiens into the Middle East, and around the shores of the Indian Ocean, all the way to Australia. She follows the trails north to icy Siberia, east to China and west into Europe6366295, before exploring the last continents to be peopled: the Americas.

Enduring extreme physical challenges, erupting supervolcanoes, the peak of the last Ice Age and formidable predators that rivalled the human species – it is a wonder we are here! Examining beautiful cave paintings, interpreting carved artefacts and beads and studying bones, stones and genes, she finds clear evidence of who we are and how we colonised this planet. Absolutely fascinating st

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