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Calling all those who love to bake….

By on November 5, 2012

Well, unless you have been on a desert island for the last five years you can’t fail to have noticed that baking is back and baking is big!

It would seem that as a nation we are embracing the domestic arts with a vengeance. Is it the austere times that we find ourselves in that has brought about this desire to return to home pursuits? After all home baking is certainly cheaper than shop bought.

No. I think it is more than that. It is the sheer unadul- terated joy that comes from producing something with love and care. Something that leaves your kitchen smelling divinely of lemon, cinnamon and vanilla. Something that makes your heart sing when a friend unexpectedly drops by and you produce a home made confection that begs to be shared.

Yes, baking is back and nowhere is that more evident than in Knutsford where Lucy Farnon has recently set up the Knutsford Bake Club, a month- ly event for anyone who loves baking.

Members come along with their bakes whether they be scrumptious shortbreads, cute cup cakes, luscious lemon drizzle cake or bountiful buns. How will my wares be judged by a roomful of experienced bakers I wondered. Well to think that your cakes are here to be judged is to miss the point of Bake Club. These bakers are doing it for the love of it. Because they love to bake. They love to share recipes and find new ones. They love to reminisce over recipes from their child- hood, indeed that was the theme for their second meeting which took place at the Freemason’s Arms on Silk Mill Street in November.

Lucy says, ”Inspired by my own love of cake making and the enormous popularity of home baking at the moment , I decided that a baking club would be a lot of people’s idea of a great night out. Well, what’s not to like ? Meeting with fellow bakers, chatting, swapping recipes , maybe having a little glass of something fizzy, or a nice cup of tea and then devouring as many samples of cake as you can physically manage ! I hope that you will join us at the Freemason’s Arms for what can only be described as a cake lovers’ dream come true”.

Personally I have to agree with Lucy. There really is nothing not to like about chatting about (and eating) cake whilst enjoying the convivial surroundings afforded by the Freemason’s Arms on a chilly winter’s evening.

So if you like to bake and would love the chance to share your love of all things cake-y with some like minded friends then I would recommend that you head off down to their next event where the theme will be, of course, Christmas!

The Knutsford Bake Club’s next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th December at the Freemason’s Arms, Silk Mill Street at 7.30pm.

You’ll need to bring your offering in a tupperware box or cake tin as leftovers will be shared. It would help if you could bring your own cake slice or knife but there will be a few available. Plates and forks will be provided. Please also label your cake, including anything that people with allergies or food intolerances may need to know about. It may be a good idea to have some printouts of your recipe so that other people can try baking your cake if they like it. Elasticated pants are not essential but recommended!

For more details see the Bake Club blog at Or find it on Facebook

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