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Summer Time Back in the Saddle

By on May 2, 2009

During the 1930’s cycling groups were lobbying to have cycle safety training included in the school curriculum. The Government at that time had other things to concentrate on and it wasn’t until 1947 before cyclist training formally began.

The first Cycling Proficiency Test was run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, held indoors and taken by just seven children on October 7th 1947.

The approach has changed over the years but the focus has remained on helping young people become confident and safe cyclists. In March 2007 Bikeability was launched, supported by the National Standard for cycle Training it develops cyclists through three levels of ability.

If you can remember taking your Cycling Proficiency Award it may be a long time since you actually rode on a bike. Help is on hand to tackle cycling on our 21st century roads. It is common to see learner drivers on the roads but cycling skills development is a rare thing. CycleKnustford plans to change that, at least for one day. If you are just getting back into cycling or feel nervous of cycling on the roads around Knutsford, there is a short course for you.

It’s a free refresher session that will help you become a safe and confident cyclist. The course will take place on the 16th May at the Fire Station Yard on the Mobberly Road. Course Instructor Steve Nixon will lead up to 8 people through the course between 10am and 1pm. Steve has based the course on the Bikeability Scheme and tailored it for adults.

Safe Cycling 16th May 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Fire Station on Mobberley Road. If you are interested please register with Steve 01565 653403 or by E-mail to


About Paul Fitzpatrick

CycleKnutsford is a local community group set up with the aim to keep Knutsford a cycle friendly town. The group has grown quickly and now has over 100 members. Joining is easy simply send e-mail to we look forward to hearing from you.

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