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Speed limitation to help cyclists.

By on October 30, 2009

CycleKnutsford would like to invite you to a meeting which will be of interest to all vulnerable road users – pedestrians, particularly the young and elderly, shoppers, cyclists and of course motorists. Most people would like to have safer, more pleasant streets and for this reason, CycleKnutsford supports the campaign for 20 mph speed limits in residential streets.
“20’s Plenty for Us” is the national voluntary organisation that  campaigns for and supports communities wanting a 20 mph default speed limit in residential streets.-(Visit 20splentyforus.org.uk)- This would bring us in line with many European cities which have a 30kph (18mph) speed limit for residential streets.

Cities in the UK such as Portsmouth, Oxford, and Newcastle upon Tyne have already been successful in campaigning and implementing this speed limit. However this has been achieved not only by the efforts of local cycling groups, but also by the support of associate groups such as “Living Streets” (a pedestrian group). CycleKnutsford intends to actively campaign for this speed limit – hopefully with the support of other groups and individuals – not necessarily cyclists.
Most importantly a 20 mph limit would make streets safer. Potentially stress, pollution and traffic noise could be reduced and a number of car journeys be replaced by walking and cycling.
We therefore invite you to a meeting “Is 20 Plenty for Knutsford?” on 13th November, 8.00pm at Knutsford Civic Centre. We have an excellent speaker, Mr Rod King, the founder of the “20’s plenty for Us” campaign, and who is very much in demand as the acknowledged expert on this sometimes contentious issue. He has addressed and advised government committees both here and in Ireland.
Please come along and bring with you anyone who is interested. Refreshments will be available and there will be a raffle. For more information please contact 01565 651036 or 01565 653835.

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