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O2 absence leaves Dendy gasping for air.

By on March 23, 2010

The team defending as a whole 1st half was non-existent. Some players put it down to the high altitude as they were not allowed the time to adjust to the thin air with Disley being twinned with Paz, Bolivia. Basically Dendy were appalling in the 1st half.

With Team Dendy 4-1 down at half time, every player had their 2 pennies worth in the team talk with what was wrong but basically, we cant string 2 passes together so lets go long! That’s what the Dendy boys did with Si Nicholson grabbing his second of the game & Davers scoring a screamer & it could have bee so different if Leon White didn’t have his fifty pence head on at the far post to finish an easy chance away for the equaliser with 20 mins left.

Pushing for the equaliser left us open for the back & High Lane finished us off right at the end. Good reaction 2nd half but same old story in the first half.


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