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Lions take back their pride!

By on March 9, 2009

With the visitors electing to start uphill the referee blew his whistle and let battle commence. A slow ponderous kick from Walker would prove a chilling omen of things to come as Knutsford struggled to get out of the blocks, some poor handling and a lack lustre pack soon lead to a St Edwards penalty in front of the posts and from 20 yards out the kicker had little difficulty slotting it over. Knutsfords ill discipline resulted in a similarly convert penalty at the 10 minute mark. With Knutsford still dawdling in first gear the visitors took full advantage and a ran in two converted tries in as many minutes and at the turn of twenty minutes the view from behind the knutsford posts was the wrong end of a 20 point deficit.

It was however as they say a game of two halves and with the positive encouragement of some older heads the rising young players demonstrated why the future of Knutsford is in good hands. Young Edward Snook with his first start at blindside began to make some powerful runs from the breakdown closely followed by the effervescent Irvine and irrepressible Dawson. The renewed vigour paid off and the first bout of sustained pressure from knutsford resulted in a try for Crawford in the Corner which was converted by Ellary. The first knutsford points seemed to galvanise the home side and as they stepped up the tempo some good running play from a reinvigorated Walker and Maxwell found the old boys wanting and allowed Mooney to sneak in under the post again duly converted by Ellary

Despite a resurgence in the latter part of the first half halftime saw Knutsford looking at an the wrong end of a 14 to 20 score line.

The restart saw some new faces and some old ones, with the replacement of Snook after a clash of heads in the dying seconds of the first half by the ageing Woolstencroft and the replacement of Hooker Irvine with newcomer Jordan Lyon.

The second half saw a newly invigorated home side begin to make their superior fitness levels tell as they poured on the pressure through powerful charges from Edmonds, Perry and a constantly improving with age Woolstencroft. With the home side now camped on the St Edwards five metre line it was only a matter of time before the long arm of Crawford was able to reach over and ground his second of the day.

From the restart the story was the same with the old boys unable to stand the fast paced knutsford game allowing winger Murphy to breeze through one of the resulting gaps to finish in the corner, full time saw knutsford emerge victorious having scored 26 unanswered points. In the post match interview team captain Sam Fishburne said “ I’m really proud of the boys especially the youngsters, it was tough out there but they showed real spirit, God Job fellas”

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