Beastly heat bites hard as Knutsford take on Buxton with terrier like conviction. | Knutsford Times

Beastly heat bites hard as Knutsford take on Buxton with terrier like conviction.

By on September 14, 2009

It was always going to be a case of who was the bigger dog in this fight and Knutsford proved they had what it took to win. At times it looked as though Buxton were chasing their tails as the Knutsford defence piled on the pressure, digging deep to rediscover the form they finished last season with.
Lawrence ‘Scamp’ James strolled through the Buxton defence to keep Knutsford ahead by a nose after the Derbyshire Bull Terriers had snuck a try of their own. Knutsford pilled on the pressure – it must have been like a dog’s life for the Buxton pack. The Knutsford young pups were straining at the leash to attack, attack, attack but Buxton managed to make them heel to keep the score close going into the final ten minutes with Knutsford down 19 – 20.

Knutsford could scent victory and continued to push for the winning points. They broke through with style when ‘Scamp’ James rounded off a fine move by the home backs. One observer said that he ‘knew Knutsford would never stray from the task at hand’. He added that at times Knutsford looked like a ‘pack of wild dogs’ as they counter rucked and ran the away team ragged.

Captain ‘Bouncer’ McGarrigle, who also snuck in for a try, looked like a dog with a bone at the final whistle after Knutsford had successfully ran the clock down to secure a well earned victory 24 -19. Buxton left for Derbyshire with the tails between their legs.
The game saw a number of guys playing out of position and 2 debuts so overall this was a great win despite some dubious tackling and fitness levels. However it also showed the thing that the 2s at Knutsford have become famous for – great teamspirit and a will to win.
Next up a local derby dog fight with rivals Macclesfield Vets. With an even stronger team out Knutty will be ready to pound the opposition and carry their form into this new season.

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