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KRFC's juniors take on Helbsy

By on March 16, 2010

The team were determined to improve their defensive game following a difficult match against Caldy.  The whole team defended formidably, pushing the attacking team backwards  towards their own try line, right from the start.  This week John Bolton was particularly dominant in defense.
Early in the first game Joseph Blakemore took a quick restart, which resulted in the first of many tries from Oliver Leatherbarrow, who’s support play was perfect throughout the match.
Patrick Brogan and Louis Thomas made strong individual runs and Josh Wyatt proved that he could score tries, both for and against Knutsford, when he played for Helsby in the second match, to even the sides up.
Knutsford 2 games .  Helsby 0
Player of the week:
Oliver Leatherbarrow
Josh Wyatt
Matthew Flint
Joseph Blakemore
Patrick Brogan
Finton Boyle
Louis Thomas
John Bolton
Oliver Leatherbarrow

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