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Bouncing back from defeat, almost.

By on January 25, 2011

Knutsford were looking to bounce back after their narrow defeat to Prestbury the week before. Grove Park 3 turned out in force with a strong squad and it looked like a close evening was in store. Risley turned up at 7.30 to see 3 eager and focused squash players baying for some knutsford blood.

Up for it tonight he took to the court in the first wave of a 5 prong attack, looking for some revenge for the loss to Steve Ward earlier in the season. He soon polished the court with some Grove Park blood and took the first 9-4. Then went to sleep in the second and part of the third game and lost 9 points in a row. A wake up call from the balcony saw him pull through to win 3-1. First score to Knutsford. It looked good for the night with both Steve Smith and Burkey yet to play! First wave of the attack successful.

Steve S on next against an unorthodox Steve Davies who swung the racket like his arm was attached to his chest at the elbow. Our man took the first and we were already high fiving on the balcony expecting Knutsford to romp to victory. Some encouragement at the interval saw Steve bouncing onto court with purpose. But what happened next!!! In cruise mode our man took the foot off the gas and saw his oppo drop from the back of the court and boast his was to victory in 4. Ouch! Second wave a failure.

The big failing to deliver meant Risley had to throw on the second big gun Mr Burke. But what was in store was going to be a tough call. Mr Lomax with his evil stare goosestepped onto court with his arrongant swagger and proceeded to hammer our man into the ground. He swung like an octopus and nearly took poor old Burkeys head right off. If our man dared to win a point Lomax just stared at him. All of the Knutsford team were wishing Burkey could take this guy out, but to no avail and Lomax just pounded that rubber ball into the wall at a speed not seen before on court 1. Third wave crushed.

With the battle looking on a knife edge we needed to send in our secret weapon Streff. Looking splendid in a figure hugging black number and smart boots our special opps man was up for it. After narrowly losing the first Streff waited off court for some team encouragement…..but non came! Where were they all!! He then looked downbeat and lost the next to 3. He again waited for some team encouragement….but none came! Finally he broke his silence and an outpour of raw emotion put all Knutsford team members to shame. He went down 3-0 and we all felt bad.

The battle was lost, but the war was not over. Our commando was waiting to go on to take some more blood before the end of the night. Smith junior bounced onto court against a tough looking skinhead. Up for a scrap our man went down in the first but he had had enough of these upstarts from Bramhall and took his man to the cleancers in the next 3.

So Knutsford salvaged some points from a disappointing night. Yours truly again taking some abuse from insubordinate team members again and had to do the washing up!!!! Bouce back next week chaps…. we need it.

Knutsford 1 Home to Grove Park 3

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