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Soar the Recession

By on January 27, 2009

Local firms comment to me about growing numbers of employees who are burnt out. Nonstop negativity has prompted doctors now to call the condition “recession stress.”

Many of us get our self esteem from working. Whether it is a personal passion or simply a means to working and keeping busy is good for you — making you feel productive, good about supporting yourself and your family. Stirling University stated that up to 40 percent of unemployed people suffer psychological distress due to unemployment. With our unemployment rising and constant media bombardment of gloom and doom you have a toxic combination that can seriously affect mental well-being.

Whether rented or bought, your house is your home, status symbol and something you strive to buy for security and investment purposes. So losing your home ranks high on the stress-levels alongside death and divorce. 

What we need to remember is that much of this is beyond our control and letting go is contrary to our human psychology. We want to be in the driving seat or navigating, never in the passenger seat.


Admittance to lack of control is a liberating feeling. The stock market is like life: you win some, you lose some, and you don’t have a whole lot of say in the whole matter.

Take control by creating coping strategies, goals and a plan of action to get through negativity. Keep healthy and cheerful, making a financial plan and share with your close friends and family how you feel. Remember not all coping strategies are good ones. Drugs and alcohol can simply delay the negative outcome.

Exercise is important when our mental well-being lowers. Exercise helps to reduce a lot of the muscle tension associated with stress, such as the sort that causes headache, neckache or backache. Exercise can also help prevent the development of stress-related disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Endorphins are the feel good hormone. Concentrating on the exercise you are doing helps to divert your attention from focusing too much on whatever is causing the stress.

Remember poverty and depression isn’t linked. You can have a thousands in the bank and still be full of fear. Or you can have very little and be happy. I know firsthand from my past that perception it what it is all about.

Talk to your best friend. Whether you have financial or personal problems your real friends will support you no matter what. Remember that life is a journey and not a destination

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