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Free health, diet and lifestyle check for christmas

By on October 26, 2009

With Christmas just round the corner, why not take the opportunity to slim down for the festive season and enrol on a Dietcare Weight Management Course.

The Dietcare Weight Management Course is unique in that slimmers are seen by a trained Diet Advisor in regular one-to-one consultations. During these consultations, they receive advice, support and motivation to aid them whilst on their course, developing healthy eating habits, so maintaining their weight loss long term.

Dietcare believe in healthy eating, so all our personal diet plans are based on real foods that be purchased from any supermarket. The diet is designed to speed up the metabolism, so burning calories more effectively.

The Weight Management Courses are suitable for adults, children, pregnant mums, individuals with specific medical conditions and those with dietary preferences.

Dietcare Knutsford is based at the Brookdale Clinic on Manchester Road, Knutsford. For further information on Dietcare and their individual weight management plans, or to book an appointment to see a Diet Advisor call 0845 190 4306 or visit the Dietcare Web Site

About Dietcare
Dietcare can trace their history back over 30 years and what started out as a small private slimming clinic has now grown to become one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of obesity.

Enrolling on any Dietcare course, whether it is in one of their clinics, their Slim by Post or Dieting on Line is a unique experience and slimmer’s can be assured of a personal one to one service from a Dietcare Diet Advisor accredited to Royal Society of Public Health Standards.

Offering a diet which has been tailored to the specific dietary and lifestyle needs of the slimmer, Dietcare Diet Advisors support, motivate and advise their slimmer’s ensuring that they reach their weight loss goals.

In addition, Dietcare specialise in personal diets for those suffering with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a set of diets that are unique to the organisation and which have helped many couples realise the dream of having children and reducing their very unpleasant PCOS symptoms.

The Dietcare Diet and Lifestyle Check
The Dietcare Diet and Lifestyle check is straightforward and simple, which takes just 20 minutes, (it should be pointed out that it does not involve the requirement to produce samples of blood or urine.)

Typically the check includes a weigh-in, a height check, a full body measurement, data from which is used to calculate the individuals BMI, (Body Mass Index) assessing whether they are the correct weight and identifying if their health is at risk.   The true body frame is also assessed, giving appropriate advice.

In addition the Diet Advisor will analyse on diet and give constructive ideas with hints and tips on where the individual could make healthier lifestyle choices.

To conclude the check, the Diet Advisor will demonstrate simple exercises that will improve the individuals mobility and general activity.

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