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Where to buy an 0800 number? …your questions answered

By on October 6, 2022

Why choose an 0800 number for your business?

Ok, before deciding where to buy an 0800 freephone business number let’s consider the benefits they bring. Replacing your mobile phone number with a professional 0800 option creates a cost-free, professional-looking way for customers to get in touch.

Introducing a new telephone number for your business can be a big decision and comes with various questions. Do you want to reach a local or national client base? How important is a free-to-call number for your callers?

Free Incoming Calls…More Incoming Business!

0800s are attractive numbers and certainly do live up to their reputation as a freephone caller-friendly option. So, they’re an easy way to encourage incoming calls into your business.

Such toll-free calls are not only attractive due to their cost effectiveness, they’re also a signal to callers that you care. You’re giving a vibe that you’re conscious of your customers’ call costs. What’s more as 0800 business phone numbers aren’t location specific they create a bigger presence for your brand too. So when it comes to attracting inbound calls from far and wide 0800 numbers are definitely worth a closer look.

Calling 0800 numbers from abroad….

You can call 0800 numbers from abroad, formatting them as +44 800, but it’s important to know that they won’t necessarily be free as international rates often apply.

Despite any rate differences, you will still have a number which says, ‘we’re a UK, nationwide concern’ and not restricted to a specific geographic location.

Memorable Number, Memorable Brand

You’ve spent time building your brand so why not pop that proverbial cherry on the top with a shiny 0800 number? Classed as ‘memorable numbers’ 0800 phone numbers are an easy way to add that finishing touch to your company.

Deciding where to buy your 0800 number

Right, we’ve looked at what an 0800 telephone number is and some of the advantages for introducing one to your business. Now it’s time to explore the key aspects to keep in mind when deciding where to buy a free number.

Telecom Status

By choosing a Tier 1 telecom provider you’re also selecting reliability and affordability. Tier 1 is, as the name suggests, the highest tier in terms of telecom service quality and price competitiveness. Your company deserves the best right!

So, what does that mean?

Well, Tier 1 providers work directly with the main networks to provide the ultimate in network resilience. Robust functionality means that calls will be of the highest quality wherever your callers are dialling from – inner city or out in the country.

Network partnerships also mean you’ll benefit from competitive rates as higher tier telecom providers typically have greater negotiation powers. In other words, more wriggle room when it comes to cost.

Call Features

Depending on which provider you choose you may be offered a wide range of call features along with your 0800 number. From number diverts and on-hold options to out-of-hours features, there are lots of helpful services available.

So, in addition to more calls your freephone number will help with call handling too – making it easier to not only receive calls but to deal with them efficiently – even during heavy call volume times.

More than just a mobile phone…

Ditching your mobile number in favour of an 0800 number – whether for your main number or one-off advertising campaigns, adds a truly professional look for your business. Feature-rich and free to call 0800s are recognised for their value, whether you’re a business owner or customer.

Get an 0800 number

Want to activate a number or simply like more info…whichever you need, look no further than Number Supermarket.

Feel free to call 0330 323 0400, we’re always happy to help..

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