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POLICE WARNING: Danger to aircraft

By on October 14, 2009

This is occurring whilst the flights are on final approach to both airports. The effect the laser light causes is a “green out” effect on the windshield of the flight-deck. The pilots can be temporarily blinded by such actions lasting from seconds to minutes; whilst only a minute or two from landing.  A  number of these incidents have been carried out from locations within Knutsford and the consequences could be catastrophic.

As a team it is our responsibility to investigate all such incidents but as you can appreciate one that is very difficult to detect.  These pens are the type primarily used for projector screens but obviously when in the wrong hands are being used for this type of behaviour.

I have made similar appeals through schools for any information and to date one has been seized one from an (adult) resident within the town centre but I am mindful that there are more out there. Please can you encourage any one with information to make contact whether it be anonymously or direct to ourselves.

The dedicated line for contacting Knutsford NPT staff is 0845 458 6380. Your call will be responded to within 24 hours if not answered at the time or alternatively contact by email –  knutsford.npt@cheshire.pnn.police.uk


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