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Restorative Justice and Policing The Moor

By on October 26, 2009

Last week (w/b Oct 19th) seven children were identified as being responsible for incidents of graffiti on the play equipment there. They were dealt with by Restorative Justice, making an apology to the Friends of the Moor organization and then turning out to scrub the graffiti off the equipment.

“It was an ideal use for Restorative Justice,” said Inspector Kate Woods, in charge of Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Unit. “The procedure made them realise that what they thought was a prank causes real offence to other people and cists money to clean up.

“The first steps have been made to introduce a neighbourhood watch scheme in that part of the town. We believe it could be a big stride forward, and we are reviewing the area to see what crime prevention methods might be most effective. That involves working with Cheshire East Council.

“In the past six months 20 incidents of anti social behaviour have been reported in The Moor area, among 418 across the whole Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

“Most of those on The Moor and Moorside have been about rowdy behaviour and have not involved any criminal offence. Most of them have been about people making a noise and whenever possible we have taken action by moving them on.

“There is very little to connect most of the incidents to the late night opening of bars and clubs in the town centre.

“Mr. Dawson claims that other incidents have taken place but have not been reported. We are making enquiries to establish if that is the case and we have arranged a meeting with Mr. Dawson and a representative of Friends of The Moor as part of that.”

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This article is the response from Knutsford Neighbourhood Policing Unit to claims about anti social behaviour in The Moor area of Knutsford. Cheshire Police say they are using enforcement and pro-active methods to reduce anti social behaviour in the area of The Moor.


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