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A Delightful Draw for the 3rds

By on March 9, 2009

Hope, Crabtree and Wright in the middle were given plenty of time to move the ball out.  Marsland decimated the Bowdon left half and left back to setup both Baker and Crabtree at the top of the D and both thundered the ball past the keeper  to give Knutsford the 2 – 0 lead within 20 minutes.

Captain Marsland was taken off with a back injury which puts him in doubt for the remaining games but Knutsford came forward with Cunliffe and Turner applying pressure.   The tide then turned and Knutsford deployed their trusty old wagon defensive semi circle on their D and held back some great attacking Bowdon moves with Keeper and Man of the Match  Punshon saving countless short corners.  

The second half started and not only did the Bowdon team actually start setting their tents and caravans up in the Knutsford half but the basic hockey  passing and stopping skills that  Knutsford have employed so well over the last few months seemed to disappear.  In fairness to the  Knutsford defence of Todd , Ford and Woodage they battled hard all game.  Bowdon’s goals were always going to come  with the first  being a deflected short corner leaving  keeper Punshon no chance. Apart from the injury to Marsland the game was a great game to be involved with and 2 – 2 was a fair reflection.

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