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Party games, Juggling and Clowns for Knutsford HC's 3rd XI

By on March 16, 2009

Knutsford entertained Macclesfield on Saturday with party games, juggling and clowns.  Knutsford dominated early play with Merrill, Wright and Crabtree linking well in the centre of the park.  Knutsford’s first goal came from Lawrence who directed a cross from Marsland.  Evans missed a couple of sitters but made up for it by setting up Wright to slot in Knutsford’s 2nd goal.  Knutsford then went for their usual afternoon nap and suffered for it when Merril missed a clearance that quite honestly my Grandma could have made leaving the Macclesfield centre forward to open their account. 

The second half started with an Knutsford attacking with passion and with Evans having been told that the little round ball had to go between the goal posts not wide of them.  Marsland’s bad back was being held together with some sticky back tape, bluetack and deep heat but he still manage to slip by the Macclesfield defence to set up Evans who couldn’t have missed but nearly did. 

Knutsford were cruising at 3 – 1, the sun was out and confidence was high.  Man of the Match Woodage playing out of position at left back totally took control and was moving the ball out of defence with class.  We lost count on how many chances we missed in the second half and soon enough these missed chances were looking important as Macclesfied had a run of short corners with them eventually scoring after Keeper Robbins managed to commando roll mid air over the ball that was trickling towards goal.  The ball was hit so badly that it stopped rolling about 2 cm over the goal line.  Anyway more comedy moments were to come as Baker playing at left back was out manoeuvred by the left winger.  He blamed the 13 broken toes he was carrying and if Baker’s wife is reading this then he didn’t play honest…..  Anyway Baker has a bigger turning circle than an aircraft carrier and the winger slipped under his radar to slot in the equaliser.

Knutsford still continued to attack never doubting that they would not get 3 points.  With 20 seconds to go Wright released Marsland down the right channel who in turn set Forsyth up with an empty net. 

In the end a great  4 -3 Victory!!

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