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3rd XI Heroes Claim 3rd Spot

By on March 23, 2009

Early signs were not good as Baker realised he may have left his socks at home, Lawrence was looking sober and Crabtree’s Mum had turned up, rumour has it that the Crabtree house hold was in turmoil after young Andy had not passed to his dad the week before.

South Cheshire started off well putting us under slight pressure, Woodage sporting his McFly hair style dealt with the pressure. Gypsy King Stanier who had failed to convince the opposition umpire that he could do a good deal on tarmacing his drive or sharpening his garden tools decided that he would put his effort in taking control of the middle of the pitch and started to link up well with Hope and Merrill who still had the signs of the thumb print on the top of his head.

Play nearly came to a standstill as while defending a South Cheshire 16 hit out we heard Matt “ The Voice “ Robbins shouting at his defenders. We would like to congratulate Matt on this feat and long may it continue.

Knutsfords first goal came from a short corner which was nailed by Stanier from the top of the D. Merril then doubled the score shortly after and then scored his second with 5 minutes of the first half to go.

Skipper Marslands team talk saying he wanted more goals from his team seemed to go in one ear and out the other with his team mates, The second half started With Crabtree taking the fight to the Soutch Cheshire lads who in fairness held there own, but in fairness the damage was already done. Merril decided to avoid buying a jug by missing nearly a dozen chances and Crabtree nearly hit a over flying 747 from 6 feet out. Baker at right back was a like a brick wall all second half as no one saw him move but the attackers running at him could pass him. Todd playing at the back was unusually quiet but he let his hockey do the talking. Knutsfords new stars in the making Cunliffe and Turner looked promising and surely will be a major part of the squad next year.

Evans continued his Goal Missing with style documentary but I am sure he will recapture his goal scoring ability when he buys himself a new stick rather than using the one he got in Christmas Cracker a couple of months ago. A great 3 – 0 Victory , Well done gang!

On a final note I just want to congratulate the team on a great performance. It has been an absolute privilege to boss you about!!

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