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Determination and pride powered Knutsford Knights!

By on November 15, 2010

Knutsford ventured to Deeside Ramblers in an eagerly anticipated fixture. Despite Knutsford’s poor run of form, a determination was evident in the camp as the proud century old club were taking on two former players.

On the eve of the season, journeyman Ian Ward joined previous season’s defector David Price. The fact that his brother Jonny was proud to represent Knutsford ensured this was a true Derby game.

Knutsford were without Graham Heath and Mike Power but matched the home side stride for stride in the opening stages. Knutsford won an early short corner but the push-out went only a few centimetres. This typified their short corner routine this season and could be classed as their best effort in several weeks. Subsequent short corners were sent goalwards with less pace than a three toed sloth with no end result.

A certain inevitability came with Deeside’s short-corner opportunity – powered home for a 1-0 lead. A second quickly followed but Knutsford were battling hard with an equal share of possession.

Tristan Baddeley, back from an extended break in Australia, scored a fantastic opportunistic goal and Knutsford briefly dominated. However another Deeside strike for 3-1 in the second half left Knutsford with a mountain to climb.

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up. Skipper Matthew Hodge reduced the deficit to a single goal and, the home side were shaken to the extent that the umpires had to deal with several disciplinary issues.

David Price then scored a breakaway goal that effectively sealed the win for his new club, although the goal apparently meant more to him. It is yet to be diagnosed whether a hernia was sustained in the badge kissing celebrations.

Pride comes before a fall and a certain deranged mental state carried over into the subsequent exchanges. After Hodge had rounded Price, retribution was an inevitability. Price took out Hodge with a tackle that would be classed as illegal in the autumn internationals at Twickenham.

Despite a broken nose and a lost tooth, Hodge’s mature decision not to react probably saved Price from a certain red card, but the ensuing yellow for Price left Deeside without a key player for the last 10 minutes.

Despite severe Knutsford pressure in those final minutes of the game. Knutsford’s short corner routine was once again toothless. Deeside played for the final whistle to secure the 3 points.

Price had words of encouragement for his former teamates after the game “Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are master of your fate and captain of your soul.”

Knutsford now have a run of fixtures against sides at the bottom of the table which now need to be won if confidence is to return.

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