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Hair Wisdom from Zane Lewis

By on December 3, 2010

Sitting in Zane Lewis’s salon in King Street, Knutsford feels a lot like popping round to a friend for a cup of coffee.

The salon has a warm and friendly vibe, probably because many of Zane’s customers have been coming to him since he began. Remodelled in February of this year, the light, contemporary interior reflects his taste and style.

Zane was lured into hairdressing by the glamorous side of the business however he quickly realised that to be successful was going to require hard work.  He trained at Vidal Sassoon in London then moved back to the North West where he became style director of a Chester salon. He opened the door to his Knutsford salon 11 years ago.

Zane insists on a consultation with each client, even regulars. In this way he can be sure that they get the right style for their hair type and do not have to struggle to maintain their look.

Zane very kindly shared some of his hair wisdom with me on my visit.  Curly hair will lift so it is advisable to avoid very short layers unless you want to wear a style that is very curly.  If the layers are left longer it will add more weight to the hair. This will make it more manageable, especially if you do not have much time to spend on it each day.  Staighteners are a great tool but remember that they do reach temperatures of about 240° C so can damage your hair if used too frequently.

If you have straight or fine hair and you would like to inject more volume you could always try “The Wand” by Wella. It’s really easy to use and will help you to create a glamorous look.  You take a section of hair, apply a heat protection product and simply wrap it around the wand.  Remove the wand and you are left with a fantastic wave.  Then apply a little bit of oil or serum and finally give it a light spray for extra hold.  For a slightly curlier look, rake through with your fingers or use a rake comb if you have one.

Long hairstyles can work with all sorts of different face shapes by using layers to give more body (great for a long face shape). If you wear glasses then they can be used to give your hair more width.  Very long, straight hair really suits people with a square jaw line.  Combine this with a block fringe for a really dramatic look.

Choose a fringe style that suits your hair type. A longer fringe, taken from the eyebrow to the cheekbone can work really well and will not be high maintenance.

On days that you don’t have much time to spend on your hair but you need to create a salon finish then create an up do using a clever little product called a Doughnut.  It’s really quick and simple.  To finish this style, blow-dry your fringe to achieve a softer and more glamorous look, which is very flattering for all face shapes.

Stop fighting with your hair. For best results work with the natural texture of your hair and enhance it.  Zane uses Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) as an example.  Her new, short hair cut really shows off her delicate features.

As long as you have a good haircut maintaining your style between salon visits should be relatively simple.  For shorter hair you should plan to get you hair cut every five to six weeks to avoid loosing your shape.  For those with longer or chemically treated hair then aim for a cut every six to 10 weeks.

If you want to keep that beautiful salon gloss in between visits then you could treat yourself to a Global Keratin – Brazilian Keratin treatment, otherwise known as the “three month blow dry”.  It can cut down your blow-drying time by half and, applied straight after colour, it will help to preserve and seal it.  Dry and damaged hair can be restructured too.

It is not a cheap option however, at around £180 for long hair and £120 for short hair.

Special offers on treatments and colour sales are not something you will see at Zane Lewis.  Instead his philosophy is simply to offer his client’s great value for money all the time.
Zane Lewis is a Paul Mitchell appointed salon.  For more information go to

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