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Knutsford filmmaker exhibits ninth film

By on January 19, 2018

A filmmaker from Knutsford is premiering his latest short film, Nick, at the Horror-on-Sea festival in Southend.

The film will be 31 year old Jack Levy’s 9th production, filmed in Manchester with a crowdfunded budget.

Based on Jack’s own experiences, away from his day job in TV production, he said:

: “It’s based on a real event, where my wife and I went to a gig in Manchester. It was very claustrophobic, in a room with no windows, packed like sardines.

“The audience was incredibly animated and enthusiastic, and as the night went on we were actually looking forward to leaving – it just wasn’t our thing.

“It became a bit of a story that we told around the dinner table. A friend mentioned that it chimed with certain films. As you tell the story you see it less as a memory and more as a story.”

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