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Amazing Cheshire mansion for sale for just £5 raffle ticket

By on April 10, 2018

An amazing £1.8 million Grade II-listed mansion could be yours for just a fiver.

Owners Helena and John Rowton have decided to sell Burton Hall by raffle after struggling to sell the £1.725 million, 1.5 acre property which comes complete with lake, despite lowering the price from £1.875 million.

Estate agent Lindsay Cuthill says the property might have been struggling to sell because ‘it isn’t expensive enough’.

She said: ‘It sounds ridiculous, but this might be the price range of the squeezed middle. In London, £2million might get you a terraced house with low running costs. But a long way from the capital, £2million might buy a large property — and it might cost £120,000 a year in upkeep. That’s a lot.’

After giving up on selling the property the usual way after falling ill, Helena Rowton asked her son for help, and that’s when they decided to raffle off the property after 3 years on sale.

The family are hoping to sell 379,000 £5 tickets by April 2 next year so they can cover their legal fees and hand over a bonus £50,000 cash prize to the eventual winner

Mrs Rowton said: ‘People were interested in what it looks like inside, and everyone said it was gorgeous.

‘But, even though it’s manageable to run, historic homes are a hard sell. People are frightened of them.’


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