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Sand quarry plans approved by Cheshire East council

By on April 10, 2018
The proposed site is Rudheath Lodge Farm, where Belgian company Sibelco want to extract 3.3 million tonnes of silica sand over a 12 year period plus a further two years to restore the land, which sits in both Cranage and Allostock parishes.
Cllr Andrew Kolker, Conservative CEC member for Dane Valley, urged the committee not to agree with the recommendation of planning officers, but to ‘consider the scale of the operation’.

“The A50 is already a very busy and very dangerous road,” he said.

“Adding in excess of 100 lorries a day to the road will only add to the congestion and add to the risk.”

Over 260 letters of objection were sent in which suggested a negative impact on wildlife, traffic and the local community.

More than 260 letters of objection were sent to CEC, with many suggesting the scheme would have an adverse impact on wildlife, cause more traffic and disrupt the local community.

Michael Hurley, from Sibelco, added: “It is considered that the effects of the scheme are outweighed by the long-term social and economic benefits.

“The demand is such that we do believe an additional site is required.”

The board were advised that CEC needs a further reserve of sand and gravel – it currently has enough for one year but needs to have a seven year reserve available. Sibelco also operate Dingle Bank Quarry which will close in 2020 and advised that silica sand is still needed by St Helens glassworks.


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