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Volunteer officers show their commitment during special weekend

By on June 12, 2018

Cheshire Special Constabulary officers gave around 1,500 hours of their own time and completed approximately 150 duties as part of National Specials Weekend.

Running from Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June, the annual initiative saw volunteer police officers take to the streets to showcase just how valuable the Special Constabulary is in helping to police communities throughout Cheshire.

Leadership, integration and collaboration were three of the key themes of this year’s National Specials Weekend.

Local policing priorities were established with a number of initiatives led by the Special Constabulary.

Specials, regular officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) all worked together to address local community needs – as one integrated team.

Special police officers across the county were involved in a number of initiatives over the weekend, including licensing events, rural and localised patrols, speed enforcement activities and community engagement events.

They also took part in shows across the county, such as the Classic Motor Vehicle Show at Tatton Park.

A particular highlight saw Special Constables join regular officers, PCSOs and cadets in hosting a school-initiated event at Barons Quay in Northwich. It gave hundreds of young children the opportunity to get up close and personal with the police, see the equipment they use and learn about the work they do to make communities safe.

At the event in Northwich, 92 children entered a competition to test their observation skills and be awarded a Police Achievement Certificate. The four winners were given a prize and invited to have a tour of their local police station.

More than 20 Special Constables also took part in a personal safety training course, refreshing their skills in order to keep themselves and members of the public safe.

Special Constabulary Chief Officer Celvyn Jones said: “The duties which the Special Constabulary carried out over the weekend were outstanding.

“The hours that the team of volunteers gave up shows the high level of commitment Special Constables have to helping keep Cheshire safe.

“I am really very proud to lead such a selfless, dedicated and determined team across Cheshire.

“As a Special Constable you are in a unique position to help the local community and make it a safer place to live.

“The work of the police is extremely varied, and as such your own experiences as a Special Constable will reflect this.

“The role is both challenging and rewarding and I highly recommend and encourage anyone who would like to help local communities and to be part of a great police family to consider attending a recruitment seminar to learn more about joining our Special Constabulary team.”

Cheshire Constabulary’s Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick said: “Special Constables are an integral part of the policing family in Cheshire. They support operations and enable us to provide a much appreciated additional visible presence in communities.

“They are part of our wider volunteers and, importantly, bring the public into policing, increasing transparency as well as building wider skills and experience.

“National Specials Weekend gives us the chance to spotlight their role, but I recognise their ongoing support – that often goes unsung – on a weekly basis.

“I am incredibly proud of the many Special Constables that support the constabulary and help keep Cheshire communities safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “I have been fortunate to see at first hand the challenging but rewarding work that our Special Constables do to keep the communities of Cheshire well protected and safe.

“National Specials Weekend gives us opportunity to focus on not just the work of our Special Constables but to raise awareness of the opportunities for the public to join our band of very dedicated officers.

“Special Constables provide a truly valuable service to the people of Cheshire and I would like to thank them for all the hard work and commitment they give to Cheshire Constabulary.”

Anyone interested in becoming a Special Constable should visit www.cheshire.police.uk to find out more about the role and recruitment seminars.

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