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Career-criminal sentenced to three years after stealing high value jewellery in Ellesmere Port and Greater Manchester

By on July 8, 2018

A career-criminal has been sentenced to three years in prison after stealing high value jewellery from families in Ellesmere Port and Greater Manchester.

Larry Berry, 18, of Eccleston Avenue in Ellesmere Port pleaded guilty to three burglaries and five driving offences at Chester Crown Court.

On New Year’s Day Berry forced his way into a family’s home on Trumans Lane in Ellesmere Port by smashing a window at the back of the house with a brick.

As he made his way throughout the unoccupied house he stole jewellery including two watches, earrings and two necklaces as well as the keys to an Audi. Berry then drove away from the house in the stolen car.

Nine days later, on 10 January, Berry travelled to Oldham in Greater Manchester where he committed his second burglary at an address on Kingsway Close.

After breaking into the home he ransacked the house including the loft before taking jewellery, a digital camera, mobile phones and a baseball cap. The family was not in the house at the time Berry broke into their home.

On the same day, Berry committed a further burglary at an unoccupied house on Denbydale Way in Royton, Oldham where he stole a number of designer handbags and jewellery.

Shortly after the burglary, the vehicle stolen on New Year’s Day was involved in a collision on Oldham Road in Rochdale where all occupants inside the Audi made off from the scene.

Inside the vehicle were the designer handbags stolen from the house on Denbydale Way.

On 6 June Berry was arrested after being identified by a police officer as he drove along Blacon Avenue.

Detective Sergeant Nick Henderson said: “Berry is a selfish career-criminal who spends his time breaking into the homes of families and leaving a trail of destruction behind without a care for how this may impact on them.

“In some cases we have been able to return the stolen property to the families affected by Berry’s actions. I hope in some way knowing that Berry has been caught and punished for his crimes will serve as justice for the victims he targeted.”

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