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Summer jobs campaign launched for young people in Cheshire

By on July 28, 2018

Young people wanting to find work alongside their studies were given a helping hand after Tatton MP Esther McVey launched a summer jobs campaign.

Employers needing temporary or summer staff can advertise under “Summer Jobs” on a government website as part of a drive to encourage students to expand their skills and gain experience.

Numbers of adverts are constantly changing but there are currently 600 jobs across Cheshire, including dozens of posts across Knutsford, Wilmslow and Northwich ranging from cleaners, chef, porters and front of house staff.

The jobs are separate to other 3,700 employment vacancies across Cheshire and most focus on shorter term contracts and part time shifts which can be juggled with higher education.

Launching the campaign in her role as Work and Pensions Secretary Ms McVey said: “The decline of this work over past decades has seen a cultural shift with young people having an increased focus on education and training solely before moving into the world of work. “Working alongside studying has many benefits beyond providing additional cash in your pocket. I want young people to consider how part time and seasonal work can complement, not compete, with their education.

“I’m not suggesting a summer job is a dream job for life. But I firmly believe it is connected to having a successful future.

“It allows people to build on what are commonly known as ‘soft skills’ – but I see as essential skills. Helping people develop their customer service and problem solving, build their resilience and attitude to work, as well as time management and the ability to juggle different priorities. Seeing the demands that exist within a workplace and indeed to give you an understanding of what is expected from you in the workplace.”

The dedicated search tool allows people to search for temporary work by area, type of business all through the Summer Jobs tool at

Numbers of young people taking on part time or summer jobs has fallen by more than 60 per cent since 1980 and in the past five years those with a part time job has fallen by a fifth.

According to employers, 66 per cent take on board if a candidate has done any part-time job along with their studies when recruiting.  

Ms McVey added: “This is not about taking jobs away from people looking for longer term employment and jobs. We have record levels of employment and there are 3,763 jobs available across the county in a separate section of the website. I am determined to do all I can to help people find work, whether they want temporary employment or full time opportunities.”

Nationally more than 20,000 jobs are on the Summer Jobs site with opportunities in industries from manufacturing to IT to travel and finance.

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