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Plastic reduction at Booths

By on September 12, 2018

Supermarket chain Booths has introduced a reusable bag for fruit and veg in its aggressive phase-out of single-use plastics.

It comes as part of a range of practical steps to dramatically reduce the amount of plastics used in the regional food and drink retailer.

Cotton net bags will be used in place of single-use produce bags as well as other initiatives include paper straws replacing plastic straws and recycling collection points in store for disposable coffee cups.

The environmentally-conscious chain will also turn coffee grounds into eco heat coffee “logs” for fires and wood burners.

“The reduction of plastics is a priority for all our teams, informing buying and packaging choices at all levels of the business,” said Chris Stoves, health, safety and environment manager.

“Reducing plastics in Booths isn’t a one off initiative; it’s a continuous range of changes we’re making to help reduce the reliance on plastic.”

The new bags will be unveiled at their Carnforth store in Lancaster, while the logs will be introduced later on in the autumn.

It plans to eventually cull single-use plastic bags in all of its stores – also launching a 10p “bag for life” made from 90% recyclable plastic.

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