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How a Non-Geographic Number that could help make your Knutsford business nationwide

By on September 11, 2018

The world is fast-paced, so successful businesses appreciate the importance of customer convenience. Keeping things simple is the key to effective customer engagement, and that includes business telephone numbers. You want your business to be 100% accessible to your customers, providing hassle-free contact. This is why non-geographic numbers matter – otherwise known as virtual numbers or NGNs. Check out the following information on how NGNs can be great promotion tools to increase your business reach. In our advertorial from Number Supermarket, we explain why.

NGNs – Marketing nirvana

Non-geographic numbers are available to buy with various digit prefixes, therefore you will likely be familiar with 03 and 08 numbers. It’s no secret why businesses big and small use 0800 NGNs – 0800 is instantly recognisable, easy to remember and free to use. Customers want to contact a business quickly and easily, so numbers like 0800 are able to meet that expectation. Geographic location shouldn’t limit customer reach, so NGNs can facilitate a nationwide profile. 0800 numbers work on a simple premise – when a customer rings your 0800 number it’s mapped to the mobile/landline numbers connected to your business. This includes international calls. Everyone benefits – you get that sales call, and your customers receive great service, no matter where your business is based.

NGNs – Your marketing toolkit

Using NGNs for your business offer several important benefits – extending your customer reach is the underpinning principle for all of them. Think of 0800 numbers as launchpads for achieving this.

Go national

If you want to reach as many customers as possible, NGNs can offer flexibility so you aren’t limited by business location. This is crucial to business expansion, especially when your competitors are taking advantage of NGNs. Essentially, where there are nationwide competitors, there are customers. If your company has the resources to offer services to customers located in, say, Aberdeen or London, will those customers ring an 0800 or an area coded number? NGNs are not just for the big corporates – no matter the size of your business, if you want to operate nationally then a non-geographic number is integral to your marketing plans. In this respect, don’t let the location put the brakes on your business reach.

Consistency equals trust

No matter how many times your business location changes, consistency is appreciated by customers – it builds trust, as well as saving you money. Keep in mind the flexibility NGNs can offer a business. You can use one number across your marketing materials, a familiar contact point for current and prospective customers. It doesn’t matter if you revamp your website or other marketing aids, that non-geographic number stays the same regardless of other changes you implement. As well as building trust, a consistent 0800 number lends a professional image – customers can be assured of a reliable service from you.

Instant recall

When your business adopts an NGN, using a 0800 number is easy to memorise, particularly in a crowded business market. Opting for a centralised telephone number alerts potential customers that you’re open for business wherever they are. Providing your customers with a convenient method of contact is crucial in a world where time is short and attention spans at a premium. Indeed, everyone recognises and uses 0800 numbers for their convenience and universality. People trust them because of the volume and type of businesses that utilise them, including helplines. 0800 numbers for your customers also sends a positive message about call charges – a customer in Exeter pays the same as a local one.

Businesses can opt for replacing landline/mobile numbers with NGNs or work in conjunction with existing numbers – whichever way you use them, NGNs stick in the mind. With dedicated NGNs, you can also incorporate them into your advertising campaigns to help increase new leads and engagement.

Analytical marketing

NGNs can be utilised in targeted marketing campaigns, plus other special promotions your business might want to run. You can use different NGNs to test and evaluate these campaigns, helping your business identify optimum markets for you to focus on.

Free goes further

If your business opts for 0800 NGNs, you are encouraging customers to find out more about your services. This strategy is all about increasing leads and engagement, ideally translating to paying customers. There’s nothing counter-intuitive about using this kind of strategy – you’re paying for a conduit that links your business to a potentially unlimited audience. In addition, you can have an advantage over competitors who don’t offer free or low-cost calls.

Save money with call routing

If your business expands and you opt for more than one location, call routing means you can set up NGNs to the right location for a customer’s call. One example of this might be a sales team or dedicated customer care. NGNs give you the scope to operate your business both locally and with multiple locations.

NGNs as income

Some non-geographic numbers may create extra income for your business, dependent on the type of NGN you are using. Revenue is based on call volume, so you would need to think about the type of business you have as to whether this is an option to explore.

There are clearly many advantages in using NGNs for businesses – which means it is the perfect time to buy an 0800 number or get an 08 number from Number Supermarket: whether a smaller business or a corporation, the same benefits apply. NGNs are used extensively as marketing tools, embedded within sales strategies to help identify the most lucrative markets for businesses to target. They’re great for increasing customer reach and bring a professional touch to your business. Successful businesses understand the importance of engagement, backed up by a reputation built on trust. No matter the size or nature of your business, NGNs can offer bespoke solutions. Don’t let your competitors leave you behind, so make sure you take full advantage of these great marketing tools. Buy from Number Supermarket now.

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